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“Earth Is Your Sweet Spot is a beautiful celebration of our feminine journey to empowerment and balance. This book holds the answers to the questions we as women are asking, on the road to becoming a “quality woman” fully connected to Earth.”
- Bonnie Gray
The other half of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“Exploring women’s special connection to the earth, Ellae Elinwood reveals feminine strength, power and beauty at the same time. Through assisting us to find balance in our lives both men and women can grow in mutual love and respect.”
- John Gray
Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

“Thank-you for the opportunity to review your book. As I was reading it, it was almost as if I could hear your voice. The way the book has been written is unique and very helpful… I would describe this book as a woman’s field guide or divination tool. Each paragraph can stand alone – over any time period (a day, a week, a month, etc.). While the book is an easy read, to truly live the wisdom takes time – chewing, swallowing and digesting is the process that comes to mind. Concepts may sound simple, executing could require some practice. Some may just be waiting for the “right time.” This is a book that every woman should have at her side. Which then begs the question … is there a companion book for men? A job well done! Congratulations to you and your co-author.”
- Bonnie

“I loved your book. It reads so easy and hopefully will lead more women to discover how their powerful connection to this beautiful female planet can help them reclaim their rightful place at it’s bountiful banquet table. So many women really believe that they are second class citizens here when in truth they own/rule the entire planet. I especially thought the sections on entering and exiting were brilliant and should be mandatory reading for ALL women. Earth is Your Sweet Spot holds a very special “spot” in my library.”
- Bonnie
G-Systems International

“Ellae Ellinwood’s caring wisdom calls us together in love to awaken the voice of the sacred feminine through the umbilical cord of our Mother, the Earth. Earth is your Sweet Spot is a lush invitation into nature’s grace!”
- Marie Doren
CEO Oshun Pura Skin Care, Inc.

“If you’ve spent a decade or two wading through a plethora of self-help manuals and still feel stressed out by modern-day life, this little book will be a breath of fresh air! With wit and wisdom, you will be led through a treasure-trove of information that will awaken in you a new way to look at and experience life on earth. Earth-wisdom; how could we have missed it all these centuries? The simple shift of perspective offered here may be the grail you have been seeking to a more peaceful, integrated, and satisfying life…..Bravo, Ellae and Mary!”
- Carola Eastwood
Transpersonal counselor, professional astrologer, and Human Design Consultant

“Earth Is Your Sweet Spot is a wonderful contribution to the the chorus of feminine voices who together are weaving a new earth-based feminine spirituality. This book offers “down-to-earth” and practical guidance for women who are learning to partake of nature and the earth to support their lives in a wide variety of interpersonal and relational domains. Direct, unpretentious and wise. A breath of fresh air for all of us!”
- Mariana Caplan, PhD
Author of Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path (Sounds True) and To Touch is to Live: the Need for Affection in an Impersonal World (Hohm Press).

“I love this rich beautiful book about how to align and cherish and receive sustenance from the earth, most especially for women! At the end of a busy day, it can be your sweet spot! I am so pleased to recommend Earth Is Your Sweet Spot.”
- Donna Eden
Author, Energy Medicine for Women

“The rituals were my favorite part. They are such a valuable reminder of how complicated we tend to make life, and how just simple focus and appreciation can make such a huge difference in our ability to live with greater peace and serenity!”
- Andrea
of the Heal with Hope website

“This lucid and endearing book offers quintessential wisdom on self-healing, gender relations, and much more. It’s directed at women, but can be revelatory for men as well.”
- Byron Belitsos
Coauthor of A Return to Healing and The Center Within

“I finished the copy of your book, which you generously sent me. Congratulations on its completion and here’s to its success! It is wonderful and I got some ideas from it that will help me create a group for women, which I feel some call to do. I realize I have long held some hesitation about the value of being female because of the many mixed messages received from family, culture, religion, etc. While reading your book, I found myself happy and proud to be a woman and can better appreciate some inherent wisdom that accompanies the feminine. Thanks for that.”
- Ellen Macqueen

“Once I heard about the book my curiosity was aroused, but as soon as I received my copy I found it hard to put down completing it within the first three days. A very profound and awe inspiring piece of work! Thank you!”
- Randi V. Page

“I have three words for this book: wow, wow and wow. It’s a haunting and heartfelt summons to the eternities and beauties that surround us, courtesy of our eternal mother, Earth. It’s written by and for women and touches everyone, inviting us all to check the madness of modern life and stop to smell Earth’s love for us. Great job Ellae, a real keeper, a touchstone reminding us to get out of our heads before it drives us out of our minds.”
- John Darling
Journalist and long time participant in the Men’s movement

“I love the cover and name. I love how each of you give practical feedback in the book about your experience with what you are talking about, so the readers can apply your wisdom and advice. This book about our earth mother is so needed.”
- Teri

“Reading this is like drinking a nice, big, cool glass of water.”
- Ruth

“Thank you for the gift of your book. There is poetry in your words. And, I appreciate the personal experiences [that are] shared. For me, it seems that generalizations I make about men and women are often not true of individuals. However, I continue to use these assumptions. In reading your book, I see similarities and wonder if some generalizations create a distracting polarity. My life experiences are somewhat different. I smiled as I read your “helpful hints”. There are many treasures here.”
- Maggie

“I am so thoroughly enjoying Earth is Your Sweet Spot – it brings back to mind so many things you’ve said to me over the years, and I definitely am in need of a retread. It is a book I will buy for friends, sure that they’ll not just enjoy it but treasure it and be empowered by it. There is so much wisdom in this book, it is so rich with ideas and approaches. Wonderful.”
- Peggy Westergard
Short Story author. Accountant

“Reading Earth is Your Sweet Spot is like opening a treasure chest packed with sparkling gemstones of insightful and practical knowledge for gracing the fulfillment of women. This remembrance aptly illuminates how nature provides the compass for journeying towards an ever-evolving sense of self while at once providing the mooring needed for connection. Thank you, Ellae and Mary, for the awakening.”
- Dr. Julia S. – Professor

“Women of all ages and the men who love them need to read this little book. In simple language, you’ve helped me remember that my true power as a woman lies in my connection to Mother Earth and with easy, uncomplicated applications, how to access and hold it. The wisdom you’ve shared in these pages vibrates with deep truth…a call to heal and restore balance. Thank you for the gift of this book. I will use it often to remind me who I am.”
- Suzanne

“[In this book, two] women have brought their inner relationship with the earth alive to instruct us in the deep knowing we all have access to that connects
us to our Higher Selves. Through Earth’s rhythms, they tell us how we can stay grounded and uplifted simultaneously, without spending money or excessive time. As a psychologist, I don’t know of a more immediate gateway to healing. Thank you, Ellae and Mary!”
- Kathy O’Fallon, Psy.D.
Psychologist and author of When the Moon Spills Her Milk, Underbelly, and At Higher Elevations (or 3 poetry collections if you prefer), and numerous short stories, articles, and poems.

“Earth Is Your Sweet Spot speaks volumes to me. Finally a book that teaches us about the empowering relationship of the feminine to nature and it’s impact on ALL relationships. I know I will refer to it regularly – an illuminating handbook with an energy that will bless the earth.”
- Annette – Personal Trainer

“I’m going through my 2nd (3rd in places) reading of your book and it is so helpful – a perfect retread. A great reminder of my own connections, who I am and where my strengths are. I can’t wait to share your book with a lot of women who are close to me.”
- Peggy W.

“Your book was just what I needed to read, I’ve been dealing with Cushings Disease for the last three years, and I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!”
- Audrey

“I just have to take a few minutes to let you know how truly beautiful your book is! I took a couple of hours the other day out of my somewhat hectic life to sit down and read part of your book. It is written with such passion and heart! Although I haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish the book (I am anticipating the time when I will be able to sit down to do this – next time out on my patio, in nature), I look forward to reading the eloquent words that cover those pages. I want you to know that after I read the book, I did take more time to “breathe” – breathe in and out slowly. I have noticed my surroundings and I have felt more centered. It is helping me to realize that we are definitely connected to mother earth and that we need to be respectful to our connection with her and as we do we will experience harmony.

I also wanted to let you know that I have featured your book on my blog as “Cathleen’s Pick of the Month” and have added it to my Happy Shop on
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you for sending me this beautiful gift!” -Cathleen

“Your book has moved me, enlightened me, and brings to light the simplicity of…being. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.” -Cathy Tibbals

“One of the young women I gifted your book Earth Is Your Sweet Spot told me that after reading it she felt ready to step into being a woman…that she had been reluctant to because of conflicting ideas of what that would mean…she feels much more grounded and enjoys a sense of peace she hadn’t yet experienced. Once again, your voice has been heard and your wisdom carried forward. Thank you with all my heart for so much.” -Karen

We take the Earth for granted. We walk on it — or on “Her,” as Ellae Elinwood refers to it, in her book “The Earth is Your Sweet Spot,” just published by White Cloud Press of Ashland, Oregon. “The Earth is female, as female as you are — the source of vitality that can fill you up and offer you a constellation of opportunities,” says Ellae, speaking to a book-signing audience that’s virtually all female. Ellae talks about Earth renewing women’s lives and bodies, filling them with “a phenomenal capacity for adapting and being sustainable and resilient, no matter what life delivers to you.” It has and gives “instinctual wisdom that comes through your body” but, in our culture, we all get distracted and live in our heads and lose that. It’s the kind of wisdom that tells a woman that, when a crew is about to cut down a big, beautiful tree, that it shouldn’t be cut down — the same as it tells her when a child needs help and care. “We feel it with our bodies.” All this may sound too simple and obvious, like asking fish if they appreciate and draw wisdom from…water. What would they say. “Of course we do!” But do they? You have to take time for this and tune into the element — for that’s what it is an element as well as a huge, living presence. How to tune in? It’s like a lover. You have to devote time, pay attention, watch her ways and, yes, lay on her. Ellae and the women responding to her reading commented readily on this: what release of tension, what draining of anxiety comes when you lay on our beloved Earth. What love flows into you from her. But since Earth is everywhere in our “world,” it can be hard to notice her and her energies and notice they are very different than the harried, compulsive, driven energies of our society that pour into us. “We’re one with the Earth, cellularly” says Ellae. “We have the ability to listen to the Earth’s voice. It’s a give and take of energy” and it bestows “beauty, generosity and courage to us.” Also sensuality, she notes. “If you’re not feeling sensual, you’re not in your body” and that’s what Earth does; “she grounds you in your body.” Ellae asks us to imagine all women living from this place and you’d be “moving from one inspiring woman to another.” She also asks us to imagine these are not opposites, the sensuality of Earth and the co-opting busy-ness of our culture because “we have the capacity to live in both…and be much more vital” with what Earth gives us. The reality of our present world, she notes, is that “both women and the Earth are in trouble, because both have lost their direct connection — and Earth no longer has a connection to us in a powerful way. Earth awaits us and the responsibility for engaging Her is ours.” She reads from her moving first chapter of this beautiful book about the “resonance” of Earth as you lay on Her and fuse with Her, feeling her pulse as it balances your energies. “We’re not a grounded culture,” she says, and this is what it takes to get going in that direction. “We’ve forgotten how to engage with Earth.” Men also long to engage the Earth. It’s an age-old state we evolved in, but it’s gone missing now. She talks about men wanting women to open to them in this way — and the need to find common ground in such simple ritual acts as humor or giving her a gift. “When he gives a gift, it becomes sacred. You are appreciating and thanking her.” Ellae speaks of her daily gift to the Earth, in her back yard, of cornmeal poured on Her, which has become, as a psychicly gifted friend saw, “a column of energy there.” One woman, a hospice worker got up and said her work, understandably was draining her — and laying on the Earth stopped that from happening and she had more constructive energy to give. “We’re very sloppy with our energy,” says Ellae. “We have to be extremely conscious, especially about sharing deep emotions.” Her first chapter, called Vitality, opens with four points: revolutionize yourself, radiate balance, discover an infinite capacity for renewal and unmask lifelong tools for youth looks, health and vibrancy.
- John E. Darling
5 star Amazon Review