Ellae Elinwood

Ellae ElinwoodA well-known teacher of optimum health and well-being, Ellae draws upon  a background rich in varied experience.  For many years she was an instructor of Hatha Yoga, privately, and at colleges,  universities, and fitness spas throughout Southern California. She pioneered a program teaching yoga to the elderly in convalescent homes, Forever Young, A New Health Approach to Our Aged, that was televised nationally.

Through her studies of yoga, ancient wisdom, and investigation into the effects of energy systems and emotions on the face, Ellae developed her comprehensive facial toning exercise program that was published in her book Timeless Face (St. Martin’s Press, 1999). In this book, she demonstrates how many of the facial features of aging are actually symptoms of emotional distress and lack of facial fitness, which can be corrected through the book’s program of toning, acupressure, and self-awareness.

She has inherited from her Celtic ancestors a gift of great intuition. As a result, she has shared her gift with thousands of clients over the last 25 years. As an outgrowth of her background and her commitment to the Earth, she gives seminars on the topics expressed in this book.

Books by Ellae Elinwood:

Timeless Face (1999)
The Everything T’ai Chi and Qigong Book (2002)
Stay Young With T’ai Chi (2003)
The Everything Numerology Book (2003)
Qigong Basics (2004)

Dr. Mary Lanier

Dr. Mary LanierDr. Mary Lanier is a proud mother of three who holds a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Ph.D in Spiritual Studies.  Mary worked for 25 years as a psychotherapist in Missouri, California, and Paris, France, while concurrently being a consultant and trainer for several corporations and international organizations.

In her forties, a health crisis helped her rediscover her connection to the planet by studying meditation and spending time in nature. She healed her ailments and aligned with her purpose: to be a voice of Earth.